Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

Advantage of an Airless Sprayer

If you are confused for advantage of an airless sprayer then you will need take time for improve your knowledge.

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

Recently, a huge number of offers for the sale of various paint guns for painting products have appeared on the market of paint equipment.

Managers of various companies vying with each other advice to take an air spray gun advantage of an airless sprayer and often different “experts” advise different paint equipment for painting the same product with the same paint under the same conditions.

How do you choose the right spray gun for yourself?

The principle of operation of an airless spray gun:

In the case of airless paint spraying, the paint material goes from the paint unit through a high-pressure hose to the spray gun under high pressure (up to 530 bar). In the spray gun, there is a special nozzle, with a very small cross-section, several times smaller than with air spraying. Through this nozzle, the paint is sprayed due to high pressure, forming a clearly defined torch.


  • The principle of operation of the spray gun
  • How the spray gun works: electric and pneumatic
  • How to properly prepare work with an airless spray gun
  • Airless spray gun: advantages and disadvantages
  • Main applications of the airless spray gun
  • The main consumers of airless spray guns are
The airless spray gun is probably the most convenient and modern device for spraying paint.

This construction device can be found everywhere in industrial premises, paint shops, and private construction.

The main advantage of the spray gun is simple and convenient to use, you can easily apply any paint coating perfectly.

The principle of operation of the spray gun

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

When using the classic methods of applying paint: brush and roller, the time spent does not always pay off with a good result, so the use of a spray gun can confidently guarantee an excellent result in a short period of time.

To date, there are 3 main types of airless apparatus by the method of spraying:

  • airless
  • pneumatic
  • combined

They, in turn, are divided by the type of drive:

  • electric
  • manual

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

The application method can be of 2 types: manual and stationary. Manual spray gun, due to its low cost, is widely used in private construction.

Stationary, as a rule, is used in the professional field. Its cost is much higher, but there are more opportunities.

It easily paints complex, curly details and is used for large-scale projects. The principle of operation of an airless spray gun is not as obvious as it may seem at first glance.

Sometimes it is quite difficult for a non-professional builder to imagine the basic mechanism of work.

A spray gun is a pump that is powered by an engine. Under the influence of high pressure, the paint that is in the tank passes through the nozzle and is crushed. This is how atomization takes place.

This principle of operation helps the paint coating to spread evenly on any surface and dry much faster. The spray gun, depending on the model, operates from the mains in the range of 220 to 380 volts.

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

When choosing a device, pay attention to its power, because the type of use depends on the model.

The following materials can be applied with an airless spray gun:

  • alkyd
  • latex
  • epoxy
  • flame retardant
  • textured

How the spray gun works: electric and pneumatic

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

The device of an electric and pneumatic spray gun is somewhat different. Let’s take a closer look at each device.

The electric paint sprayer includes:

  • aluminum alloy or primary plastic housing cylinder bar electromagnet piston spring paint valve suction pipe feed regulator nozzle piston

To choose a high-quality and reliable spray gun, you should pay special attention to the safety system, as well as the presence of a special bracket that protects against accidental pressing.

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

The device must have a filter. It prevents paint particles from entering the air. The handle is treated with a non-slip protective layer – a sign of quality. With it, the work will be fast, convenient, and safe.

Ideally, the handle length is 15 cm. There are also more advanced models, they include a rotary mechanism. This helps to carry out the rotational movement without much effort.

The pneumatic spray gun includes:

  • metal or rigid plastic housing paint tank spray head with nozzle
  • locking screw handle gasket trigger locking needle

electric spray Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

The pneumatic machine is very powerful and has high performance. In the initial configuration, as a rule, there should be replaceable tanks and nozzles. The tightness of the joints is what you need to pay attention to first.

Depending on the pressure and airflow, the tool is divided into 3 types:

  • HP – high pressure
  • HVLP – high volume but low pressure
  • LVLP – low volume and low pressure

How to properly prepare work with an airless spray gun

electric sprayAdvantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray GunAdvantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

To work with the paintwork was easy, and most importantly evenly, you need to properly configure and prepare the spray gun. First of all, fill the machine with the necessary paint composition and start adjusting the paint sprayer.

Take a piece of paper or any other paper surface and spray the composition until large smudges form. If the airless sprayer works properly, the paint will flow down evenly and smoothly.

If this does not happen, then the problem may be both in the wrong consistency of the mixture, and in the spray gun itself. During testing, you should also pay close attention to the number and abundance of smudges.

They may appear due to high pressure, in this case, it is necessary to reduce the pressure. The brightness of the paint depends largely on the viscosity of the mixture, if the color is dull, dilute it with a solvent.

After testing, you can safely get to work. For high-quality painting, professionals advise you to tilt it to the right and left while working, as well as lower and raise it.

At the end of the work, the best airless paint sprayer must be well cleaned from any type of contamination and checked for the absence of small particles, plaque. Then treat with a special protective ointment, without silicone.

Airless spray gun: advantages and disadvantages

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

The airless spray machine is universally applied to most surfaces. This method allows you to easily, and most importantly quickly get a high-quality paint film.

It is widely used in works with construction paints, industrial coatings, and primers.

The scope of application of the airless spray gun affects automotive services, various factories for the manufacture of furniture, doors, and windows, railway equipment, car fleets, and is also suitable for large-scale and small-scale painting works.

The airless sprayer has a number of significant advantages:

  • composition of the paintwork, thanks to the spray gun, is crushed into small particles, so the painting can take place in hard-to-reach places.
  • The automated process of coloring helps to perform a large amount of work in a short time without loss of quality
  • Due to non-contact spraying, the finished surface remains uniform without various stripes and streaks.
  • The color, when using an airless device, will look bright and even on an uneven and non-uniform surface
  • During the work, you will not hear any noise, since the sprayer does not have an air compressor
  • Easy to clean thanks to the reversible spray nozzle
  • Saves not only time but also paint and varnish composition
  • The ability to change the nozzles allows you to control and select the type of spray

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

Some important tips

There are also a number of force majeure circumstances – there may be smudges and various surges. This often happens when you choose the wrong tip. The deposition rate also plays an important role.

With experience, you can easily learn how to adjust the desired speed depending on the type of paint composition.

Sometimes smudges can occur when painting complex shapes. Thanks to the electric spray gun, you can adjust this nuance. It is not difficult to master this device.

It quickly lends itself to competent management if you follow the basic rules of applying paint and know how to properly adjust the airless sprayer.

Of the disadvantages, which are not many, you can note the cloud, consisting of small particles of paint in the process of spraying.

Advantage or Disadvantage of an Airless Spray Gun

Using the airless method, make sure that you clean the room from foreign objects and reliably protect the walls and floors from getting paint drops. Another drawback is the processing of the device. This equipment needs careful maintenance.

The paint tank, hose, and nozzle must be washed in a specialized solvent, as well as treated with grease. You should also pay attention to the tightness of the channels and seals.

If you are ready to constantly monitor the cleanliness of the device, it will last a very long time, and the spraying mechanism will not deteriorate.

Main applications of the airless spray gun:

The main field of application of the airless spray gun is the large-scale production of geometrically simple products, or the construction and repair of buildings and structures, for painting walls and ceilings.

The main consumers of airless spray guns are:

  • car factories (in the production of freight cars);
  • construction companies (for painting facades and interior decoration);
  • companies that apply flame-retardant coatings that have very high viscosity;
  • factories that produce windows and doors (stream production of standard products of medium quality). Basically, they apply the soil without air, because after applying it, the technology is used for grinding;
  • shipbuilders (painting barges and large cargo ships).

In order to choose which spray gun is suitable for you or your production, you need to answer the following questions:

  • first you need to know, what quality is required after painting?
  • what is the viscosity of the paint to spray?
  • what are the paint volumes?
  • are color changes possible?

If the quality of painting the façade of a building or the quality of painting a railway freight car does not suit you very high, the paints are similar to “kefir” or more viscous, the volumes are “decent”, the color changes once a day or not at all, then your choice is an airless spray gun.

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