electric spray gun for household work

Electric Spray Gun for Household Work- Guide for Choosing

Electric Spray Gun for Household Work- Remember, makes it easy to create high-quality decorative and protective coatings using a good tool.

electric spray gun for household work

Using a good tool makes it easier to create high-quality decorative and protective coatings. The rating of the best electric spray guns will help you find the right model in the range of offers on the modern market. In addition to expert opinions, the list takes into account the reviews of real users.

How do you choose an electric spray guns for household work?

It was time to take care of the country’s concerns, and I came to the choice of a spray gun. In general, there are mechanical paint sprayers, pneumatic and electric.

The first ones I dismissed due to the fact that they have a minimum of convenience when working and have many complaints about the skills and experience of painting. Pneumatic also brushed off for one simple reason, I do not have an additional convector, and the work is very far from industrial.

So, for household work, electric spray guns are more than suitable.

To begin with, let’s determine what type of electric spray guns are available on the tool market

Electric spray guns can be of several types:

  1. Airless electric spray guns
  2. Air electric spray guns
  3. Network electric spray guns
  4. Rechargeable electric spray guns

Airless electric spray guns.

The most common in household use spray guns. They are characterized by the supply of paint directly into the nozzle using a piston pump. The pump can pick up the required paint pressure with different capacities, and the application depends on the design of the spray gun nozzle.

The advantage of this type of spray gun is accessibility and mobility. It can be used for household purposes, but it has certain disadvantages. this type of electric spray gun is characterized by increased paint consumption, plus paint smudges can form, which affects the final result of the work. They are excellent for applying primers and paints in places where no special paint quality is required.

A special difference (not necessarily, but often) of this type of household spray guns is the presence of a certain “hump”, where the pump itself is located.

Here is an example of such household spray guns

electric spray gun for household work

There are still possible options where the pump is located a little behind and they have this look

electric spray gun for household work

Air electric spray guns

This type of paint sprayer differs in the method of application. It is characterized by the fact that the paint is sprayed on the surface to be painted by spraying on fine dust with an incoming air stream. The only difference is where this air comes from. There are two subspecies of electric motors for these spray guns: solenoid or turbine electric motors.

Depending on the selected type of action, they can be mounted in the body of the spray gun itself, and also located on the side, and supply air through a hose or pipe. If the spray gun has a stand-alone engine, then it either has wheels to drag it behind it, or it can be hung on the shoulder and carried like a bag.

The main popular type for domestic use is the model with a remote electric motor. This is convenient since you will have to work while holding only a gun with a container of paint in your hands. The advantages of this type of spray gun are low paint consumption and high quality of the painting.

But there are also disadvantages. First, a cloud of finely dispersed paint forms at the place of painting. Increased operating noise (comparable to a vacuum cleaner).

Here’s what air electric spray guns look like

electric spray gun for household work

Network electric spray guns for household work

This is the overwhelming number of spray guns on the market. The advantages are any power that is selected for the task, as well as an almost unlimited service life, which is limited only by the characteristics of the electric motor.

The minus is, of course, the dependence on the outlet. Well, some constraint of mobility at work.

In general, all the pictures shown above are network spray guns

Rechargeable electric spray guns for household work

This type of paint sprayer came relatively recently and has become very common due to its mobility. There is no longer any dependence on the outlet and it is much more convenient to work without disturbing yourself with a wire.

Among the disadvantages, I will note the limited choice in power, the higher weight of the spray gun due to the battery, and the limited operating time due to the need to replace/charge the battery.

Battery-powered spray guns look something like this

electric spray gun for household work

Also, spray guns differ in the level of working pressure

Pressure spray guns are divided into 3 types:

  • Low pressure (up to 3 atmospheres).
  • Average pressure (from 2.5 to 10 atmospheres).
  • High pressure (from 10 to 55 atmospheres).

There is also a classification according to the paint spray system:

  • HP-high-pressure electric spray guns, with a uniform torch and a high speed of paint movement.
  • MR-medium pressure sprayers.
  • LVMP-devices capable of painting a surface with a small volume of paint and medium pressure.
  • NVLP-in such sprayers, the torch is created by low air pressure, with an average speed of paint movement, which allows you to achieve 70% of the paint volume distributed evenly.
  • LVLP-these electric spray guns are able to paint the surface at low pressure with a small supply of paint. As a result, a uniform torch is formed, which achieves a good coating quality.
  • NTE-spray guns provide the greatest supply of paint.
  • RP-low-pressure spray guns.

These parameters can not always be found in the characteristics of the product, so after we have decided which type of electrospray paint is suitable for us, we look at the following important points

  • It is necessary to specify with what viscosity of paints the spray gun can work

20-30 DIN-suitable for ordinary household paints, glazes, enamels, and oil compositions

40-60 DIN — for working with thick latex compounds and primers

80-100 DIN — for working with particularly viscous compositions. For example, compositions with fire protection.

  • Be sure to specify the performance. Here it is worth selecting a spray gun specifically for your tasks.

You can choose the performance yourself.

  • The nozzle diameter is directly related to

the 0.8-1.2 mm paints used – stains, primers, water-based paints

1.3-1.6 mm — most enamels and lacquers

1.6-3 mm-adhesives, resins, liquid putties

3-6 mm — thick building mixes

  • It is worth considering the paint container used

Capacity up to 500 ml-used for local work, painting furniture or small objects

For painting walls and fences-from 600 ml


For rare home use, it is worth looking at airless spray guns with a capacity of 300-500 g / min

For frequent home use, you should choose a model of air spray gun with a capacity of 600-800 g / min and a viscosity of 35-60 DIN

And for professional use, it is worth looking at models with an increased tank volume (from 1L) and a capacity of 800 g/min.

Electric Spray Gun for Household Work- which company to choose

The location of units in different countries, which is typical for modern enterprises, reduces the importance of the assembly site. However, an attentive buyer can draw important conclusions based on the features listed below:

Traditional green color of the case is the” business card ” of the BOSCH company. The equipment of this brand is characterized by reliability, long service life, resistance to adverse external influences.

Another German company, WAGNER, offers a wide range of household and professional paint sprayers. Makes it easier to set up the operating mode by precisely adjusting the pressure (in individual models).

GRACO company offers good spray guns at an affordable price. To ensure the planned level of quality, a special unit monitors the production processes and parameters of the finished product.

The American company BLACK + DECKER was founded in 1910. The transfer of part of the production units to China allowed reducing the cost of production. Spray guns of this brand are characterized by good ergonomics.

TITAN is the largest manufacturer, which has organized the production of modern power tools at its own plant in the world. A well-developed network of service workshops ensures timely fulfillment of warranty obligations throughout the own area.

Carefully checking the nuances will prevent mistakes when comparing multiple models. The comfortable handle reduces the load on the user. With minimal vibrations, the accuracy of actions increases.

Which electric spray gun is better to buy

For an accurate choice, compare the spray guns you like on all-important technical parameters. Separately specify:

  • ease of handling;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • availability of spare parts and additional components.

To buy the best spray gun, you need to take into account the features of the operation. If it is intended to work with materials of different viscosities, check the possibility of installing a compatible nozzle. With difficult access to the work area, pay attention to the size of the device. In some situations, the level of noise (vibration) will be significant.

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