Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer

Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer

Krause and Becker paint sprayer among 7000 tools produced by Harbor Freight family one of the ways to color your home. Our review highlights what it is, how many types, its advantages and disadvantages which will help you make your decision.

Krause & Becker airless and electric paint sprayer

Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer Reviews

The technology of airless application of paint and varnish materials is becoming more and more popular in the world every day. It successfully competes not only with painting with a brush and roller but also with traditional pneumatic spraying.

One of the main advantages of the airless method is its ease of operation and uniform distribution of paint over the surface.

But the nightmare starts when after spending a lot of money your airless paint sprayer problem begins, and it becomes your burden but doesn’t worry the Krause and Becker paint sprayer are here to offer help.

The Krause & Becker paint spray gun is a perfect solution to all the problems from the beginning to the end of your painting. It is lightweight which can be carried around easily and this paint sprayer has a built-in filter in its gun, easy to use pressure controls.

Being extremely thin and fully ready to work, the sprayer saves you a considerable amount of time. Krause and Becker are the best choices of buyers for both external and internal work.

In our review, you will find very useful details about paint sprayers and general tips to spray. You will also be able to read about the different parts of paint sprayers and their usage because; Krause and Becker’s sprayer is one of the most popular tools which are being used to paint. So the recommendations of our experts will help you choose the most functional tool at an affordable price.

There are two kinds of Krause and Becker paint sprayers:

  1. Electric paint sprayer
  2. Airless paint sprayers


Image Details

Krause and Becker electric paint sprayer

Krause and Becker electric paint sprayer
Model number- 60446
Weight- 4.23 pounds
Dimensions- 11.6 x 10.4 x 4.5 inches
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Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer

5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit
Weight- 21.6 pounds
Dimensions- 18.5 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches
Hose Length- 300 Inches
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Airless Paint Sprayer Kit Krause & Becker

Krause & Becker 60600
Weight- 24.1 pounds
Voltage- 120 Volts
Dimensions- 20 x 18.35 x 12.76 inches
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Krause & Becker 5 GPH Electric Paint Spray Gun

Krause & Becker 5 GPH Electric Paint Spray Gun

Paint sprayers have made life easy for the people who want to do paint by themselves. This Krause and Becker electric paint sprayer is a great tool for your painting. You can be used this sprayer to apply latex paints, lighter body paints and stains, and water-based sealers quickly and easily.

The Krause & Becker Electric Paint Spray Gun is a perfect DIY tool for general-purpose painting jobs in your shop, yard, or home. In a word, this paint gun is an excellent way to get on the paint spraying ladder.

The 5gph flow rate draws is comparatively quick. Krause & Becker 60446 models’ amazing features include a durable 24-ounce polypropylene cup, which you’ll need to refill mid-painting. Also, the electric paint spray gun harbor freight comes with an extra replacement rod and cylinder assembly.

Generally, durable 24 oz. the cup makes it insanely easy to reach tricky areas in the house. The high flow rate provides unique paint coverage with an extraordinary performance at a 5GPH flow rate.

Krause and Becker spray guns are included 4 tips in the package. In which, the two 0.032-inch tips are great for latex paints while the two 0.021-inch tips (one of which is extended) are best reserved for thinner fluids.

So we can say in one word, it’s simply one of 5 gph electric paint spray guns out there that will handle both your money and time.

Quick Overview:

  • Flow rate: 5 GPH (gallons per hour)
  • Durable 24 oz. polypropylene paint cup
  • Working pressure: 175 PSI
  • 2 amps power.
  • Viscosity cup with hanger

Notable Features:

  1. 2 amps power.
  2. 175 psi working pressure.
  3. The flow rate of 5gph.
  4. Durable 24-ounce polypropylene paint cup.
  5. Viscosity cup and handy hook to hang it.
  6. Spare cylinder assembly.
  7. Four nozzles

Product Specifications Details:

Product Manufacturer : Krause & Becker
Item Part Number : ‎372661601
Weight : 4.23 pounds
Dimensions : 11.6 x 10.4 x 4.5 inches
Model number : ‎60446
Package Quantity : 1
Batteries Included? : No
Batteries Required?  : No


  • Multipurpose paint sprayer
  • High flow rate
  • Durable 24 oz. polypropylene paint cup
  • Viscosity cup with hanger


  • It tends to clog

5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

Krause & Becker airless paint sprayer

You are a DIY enthusiast or a part-time, professional? However, this airless paint sprayer is a great option for your painting project, because this sprayer gives a smooth finish in less time than traditional painting tools.

Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer kit is a lightweight and durable spray gun. This kit comes with everything that is required to complete your big painting projects.

5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit is very newbie-responsive with lots of modern features, making it very unique among Krause and Becker’s others products.

The Harbor Freight designs this Krause & Becker airless paint sprayer to complete your most significant project over the weekend. For good reason, it can be used to effortlessly and quickly stain decks, paint exterior walls, doors, ceilings, etc.

It packs 3000 psi of pressure to pump your chosen painting medium through a 25-foot hose and a built-in filter and lockable trigger. Airless Paint Sprayer Kit comes with is an ergonomic metal spray gun.

This metal spray gun, built-in filter, and the lockable trigger is an eminently useful feature for uninterrupted spraying which can easily be opened and easily be cleaned.

The main feature of these airless paint sprayer kits is a flow rate of 18.6 gallons per minute and a maximum 16-inch fan width offer speed. Also, you can adjust the atomization through the 0.017-inch spray tip at the turn of a dial.

Quick Overview:

  • 3000 PSI piston pump for high pressure and better coverage
  • Lightweight, durable spray gun with built-in filter and trigger-lock for easy flushing
  • Stainless steel paint pick-up is easy to clean, won’t rust or corrode
  • Easy twist knob pressure control
  • 517 nozzles for 12″ to 16″ fan width

Notable Features:

  1. Ergonomically designed.
  2. Fully adjustable pressure up to 3000 psi.
  3. The flow rate of 18.6 gallons per hour.
  4. 12 to 16-inch fan pattern width.
  5. 25-foot hose.
  6. All-metal spray gun.
  7. Built-in filter.
  8. Trigger lock.

Product Specifications Details:

Product Manufacturer : ‎Krause & Becker
Product Part Number : 68001
Weight : 21.6 pounds
Dimensions : 18.5 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches
Package Quantity : 1
Hose Length : 300 Inches
Batteries Included? : No
Batteries Required? : No
ASIN : B005R663KS


  • It’s lightweight easy to use
  • Durable stainless steel components
  • 1000 to 3000 PSI Piston pump
  • Easy twist knob pressure control
  • 25-feet hose
  • The power cord of 1 foot 8 inches
  • Easy to clean and won’t rust or corrode


  • A few users complained that the hose is not flexible
  • Not better for a small project

Airless Paint Sprayer Kit Krause & Becker: It Is 5/8 Horsepower

Krause & Becker 60600

The Krause & Becker 60600 is one of the most powerful kits on the market at quite an affordable price to cover the complete exterior and interior painting works to transform your home.

The Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer kit has a piston pump; the anti-rust motor has a long life with continuous running torque, strong stainless steel components. For power and simple design, the unit is great for all DIY projects and as a standby sprayer for professional users.

The other great feature of this harbor freight airless sprayer is the lockable trigger can optimize the pressure and flow rate at a consistent value over an extended period. The kit contains a 5/8 HP motor that can generate a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI for a smooth flow rate.

Krause Becker paint sprayer also features a metal gun that triggers work efficiently in the prime mode after 30 seconds of startup time and features a built-in filter that helps to decrease build-up, enabling smooth paint flow.

Most interior and exterior designers recommend Krause Becker for their professional finish. Through which you can use the sprayer on any type of surface from the floors to the walls, ceilings, and roofs.

Another feature of it that may surprise you is that the airless paint sprayer kit comes with a paint pickup stainless steel container that doesn’t collide easily and the bucket comes in handy in keeping your paint smooth.

You can use the Krause & Becker compatible spray tip for spraying thousands of gallons in a year with the cleaning and maintenance procedures which will save you both money and time.

Quick Overview:

  • Easy flawless spraying over narrow surfaces like the strips on walls, fencing, and furniture
  • Even surface great finishing on wood, concrete, metal, glass, and many others.
  • Adjustable flow rate at a specific pressure range
  • Bubble free spraying with no tolerance for overspray, overflow, and bleeding of paint
  • Ability to spray on flat, popcorn, orange-peel, and many other surface patterns

Notable Features:

  1. Fully Adjustable pressure and flow rate
  2. Strong suction and return tubes
  3. Tube mounted filter
  4. Prime and spray switches
  5. Safety trigger lock
  6. Clean eject control
  7. Pressure-relieving valves
  8. Ergonomically designed.

Product Specifications Details:

Product Manufacturer : Krause & Becker
Weight  : 24.1 pounds
Dimensions  : 20 x 18.35 x 12.76 inches
Power Source : Ac
Voltage   : ‎120 Volts
Wattage : ‎840 watts
Package Quantity : 1
Product Special Features : Portable
Batteries Included? : No
Batteries Required? : No


  • Knob pressure control
  • 1000 PSI – 3000 psi piston pump
  • Stainless steel paint pick-up
  • vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Lightweight nature


  • Difficult to control overspray while painting indoors

How to apply Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer ensuring high productivity and efficiency?

Only airless devices can apply high-viscosity materials efficiently, ensuring high productivity and efficiency. The product, passing through the nozzle of the device, is divided into small particles.

After that, they are transmitted to the surface at a high speed, where they are quickly fixed without the appearance of smudges.

This ensures a moderate consumption of compositions, since airless devices, unlike pneumatic ones, are characterized by a lower probability of fog formation, splashing.

Airless devices are used according to the instructions attached to the device. Before storage, the device is disassembled and cleaned of the remaining funds. They are stored in disassembled form.

Why do buyers choose Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer?

Krause & Becker paint sprayers are marvelous for consistent results at low prices. Its features are similar to many other sprayers in the market.

Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer

In terms of performance, it is easily compared to more popular brands such as Graco, Titan, or Wagner, etc.

Its no-hassle returns policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee have given buyers a positive idea about the painting device.

Krause & Becker paint gun is durable but lightweight and easy-to-use which can help you get the job done quite efficiently.

In a word, with Krause and Becker paint sprayer you get:

  • Durability
  • Affordable tool.
  • Accessories and spare parts are readily available
  • Etc

Something about the Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer brands

One of the brands of Harbor Freight Tools is harbor freight electric paint sprayer, one of the most trusted stores in the United States for low-priced but durable power tools.

In 1977, when Harbor Freight Tools started as a small family-owned business, it promised to provide working people with great quality equipment at the lowest possible prices- and they’ve been doing for over 40 years.

Harbor carries more than 7,000 tools and accessories at quality levels that match or exceed competing brands but at 80% lower prices. Harbor freight airless paint sprayer is one of them.

It is headquartered in Calabasas, California, with more than 20,000 employees and more than 1,100 branches nationwide.

Interestingly, when it comes to quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no-hassle return policy, and a lifetime warranty on all hand tools.

Their inventory includes:

  • Power Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Air Tools & Compressors
  • Automotive tools
  • Generators & Engines
  • Welding
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Hardware
  • Material Handling
  • Krause and Becker sprayer

Advantage or Disadvantage of the Krause & Becker Airless Paint Sprayer:


  • The body is made of stainless steel which prevents a lot of corrosion that can develop with heavy use on similar pickups from other brands.
  • The spray gun has a built-in trigger lock. With the help of which you’ll save time while applying your preferred materials and you’ll save time cleaning
  • The Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer can work with various tips. 517 tips are included in the package but experts discovered that this airless paint sprayer does a great job with a fine finish tip as well. It is suitable equally well with both latex and oil paint. And it’s easy to clean.


  • When you’re cleaning it out, rings can come out of your spray gun. So, you need to be extra careful while dealing.
  • The Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer parts can be hard to find. Mainly, gaskets are challenging to locate.
  • The gallon rating per hour is somewhat confusing. The 5/8 HP motor allows you to apply up to 18 gallons of paint per hour, but only when using the maximum settings. You can adjust the pressure to 1000 psi and if your 25-foot hose is fully extended, your GPH rating can be reduced by up to 50%.
  • This machine isn’t a good indoor, used for outdoor projects.

Krause and Becker Spray Tips

A paint sprayer is a revolutionary tool for those who are working in this industry as a professional or beginner. Because it really makes this work very easy. If you are planning to do it on your own or professionally, but you need to know something about the tools and your safety that will help you get the job done efficiently.

Below are some important Krause and Becker spray gun tips for doing paint:

  • Make sure there are no air bubbles in the tube, because the surface you are painting may look ugly. Generally, there are two types of options available depending on the tool you have. Be sure to use the correct valve as needed.
  • Before you start painting, be careful about the size of the tip, which usually consists of 3 digits. Because each number has its own relativity. Choose the tip according to the type of surface you plan to draw, large or small. For example, 515 tips can be used for large surfaces and 310 tips for others.
  • Always check your sprayer before starting the main work. It is equally important to follow the spray pattern for beautifully painted walls. This is important for both either a professional who does it regularly or someone who does it occasionally.
  • Hose always has locking and unlocking features. Lock it whenever you need to take a break after spraying. This will avoid waste and ensure safety.
  • To avoid any unforeseen accidents, always make sure that the surroundings are clean and there are no combustible substances around. Since you can also use oil paint with that sprayer and you know that oil is a flammable substance. Always follow the manufacturer’s grounding precautions and procedures to protect your equipment.
  • Don’t try to draw continuously for long periods of time as it can also affect your arms and eyes. Always use the right glasses for your eye safety. Experts advise you to start again with a break after every 30 minutes.

Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer Parts

Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer Parts

If any part of your sprayer is damaged or needs to be replaced, these products are interchangeable with other models of paint sprayers such as Titan Controlmax 1700 and Graco Sprayer 1900 various parts. So, there is no need to worry about any part replacement problem.

Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer

About one hundred percent of parts are available for this tool which contributes to its versatility. If you follow the user’s manual, you will get a complete idea about its components which you will get with it.

Krause and Becker Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Parts

At harbor freight, manufactures the Krause & Becker line of spray paint products carries some replacement parts. You can get almost all of its parts in case of need for replacement or damage.

Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer

Important: If you purchase a paint sprayer, be sure to keep your receipt and take advantage of the warranty if necessary.

Krause and Becker electric paint spray gun manual

The instructions given by the manufacturer are always important for the user.

Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer

Always keep the work area lighted and clear of flammables, Keep it out of reach for children increases the risks of electric shock, you will find the manual details of these warnings.

Nozzles for Krause airless paint sprayers & Becker

  • The correct choice of nozzle and size is important for ease of use and high-quality finishing. It may seem complicated or confusing at first, but when you understand it, it’s easy to choose the perfect nozzle and you will save money and time in the long run.
  • Make sure that you’re Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer nozzle is not too large for your gun’s pump. If you’re not sure about this, refer to the user’s manual to determine the optimal nozzle size. This is because your paint won’t atomize if you use a large nozzle.
  • Usually, a thin or light finish is sprayed with smaller nozzles, and a thicker material requires a larger nozzle. The nozzle size consists of two parts; the hole size and the fan size. The fan size is indicated by the fourth character, and the last two characters indicate the size of the hole.
  • Furthermore, one important measurement that is used to determine the performance of a spray gun is gallons per minute (GPM). How many gallons per minute a sprayer can provide determines what is the largest nozzle size it can use. In other words, the number of GPM a sprayer can offer determines the largest nozzle size it’ll need.
  • There are variables that determine the amount of time that will pass before the nozzle wears out. These include the pressure used, the quality of the sprayed material, and the grain size of the material. In addition, how regularly, what, and how well the nozzle is cleaned are other factors that will determine the degree of its wear.

Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer Extensions

Grounded paint sprayers require a three-wire extension cord. Double Insulated sprayers can use either a two or three-wire extension.  As the distance from the socket-outlet increases, you must need a heavier gauge extension cord.

It’s worth mentioning that using extension cords with inadequately sized wire results in a serious drop in voltage, causing loss of power and possible damage to the sprayer.

You want to ensure do that the extension cord is wired properly and in good electrical condition. The extension cord is damaged? replace it immediately. You can find the extension cord details in the product manual.

Krause and Becker Electric Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting

Likely Problems Potential Causes Possible Solutions
May not spray
  • Container tipped.
  • Low paint level.
  • Loose or damaged Nozzle.
  • Need to refill.
  • Must be kept upright.
  • The nozzle needs to be replaced.
Maybe Overspray
  • Inappropriate application speed.
  • Inappropriate distance from the workpiece
  • Move fairly and parallel.
  • Adjust distance.
The nozzle may have leaks
  • Unclean Nozzle.
  • Damaged or worn Nozzle.
  • Clean Nozzle.
  • Replace Nozzle.

Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting

Likely Problems Potential Causes Possible Solutions
The pump will not prime.
  • Not enough cleaning left input valve clogged.
  • Press the red inlet release button underneath the pump to loosen the inlet check ball.
Output may decrease.
  •  Blocked trigger.
  • Clean around the trigger and ensure movement.
Contradictory paint flow, bubbles, and splatters.
  • Stopped Spray Tip or damaged/clogged Fluid Filter.
  • Impure paint.
  • Clean, regulate or replace Spray Tip or Fluid Filter.
  • Eliminate paint and filter it.
The paint surface is a bumpy texture.
  • The paint is too thick.
  • Wrong paint volume.
  • The gun is too far from the paint surface during spraying.
  • The paint must be thinned properly before spraying.
  • The fluid control knob needs to be adjusted.
  • The spray gun should be held close to the surface when spraying.
Paint sags or runs.
  • Excess thinning of the paint.
  • The paint applied was too thick.
  • The gun is too close to the work surface.
  • The uneven or hesitant motion of the spray gun.
  • Excess overlapping of each spray stroke.
  • Recheck paint viscosity. Add unmixed paint to thicken the mixture.
  • Apply thinner coats.
  • Move the spray gun further back from the paint surface when applying paint.
  • Keep the spray gun moving during painting.
  • Overlap each stroke to keep the coverage even, but be aware that you are adding coat thickness by overlapping.
Uneven color.
  • The paint dries too slowly.
  • Uneven paint application.
  • Work material absorbs paint unevenly.
  • Use less thin or add a dry.
  • Start each stroke of the work material and overlap each stroke consistently.
  • Conditioner or sealer coat should be used before applying the finishing coat.

Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer Cleaning Tips

Makes sure to clean your paint sprayer immediately after using it. Not only does this make sure that your airless paint sprayer will last longer its warranty will also be void if you don’t clean it.

Simply follow the instructions below to clean your airless paint sprayer:

  1. Reduce pressure and exhaust any remaining paint from tubes
  2. Separate tubes, and trash return tube
  3. Dip suction tube in water or flushing fluid
  4. Untie spray tip and remove it
  5. Turn to spray mode then switch on the power
  6. Spray paint into paint container changing to trash bucket as paint thins
  7. Switch to the prime mode and keep on flushing until clear
  8. Release trigger, turn the power off and relieve pressure
  9. Remove the trigger guard from its housing
  10. Unscrew the nut and remove the filter
  11. Clean all the parts in warm, soapy water or flushing fluid using a bristled brush


Who makes Krause and Becker airless paint sprayers?

The Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer is a trademark of Harbor Freight Tools.

What Do the Numbers on Krause & Becker Airless Paint Sprayer Tips Mean?

Choosing Krause & Becker Spray Tips, you will find that they are numbered, for example, 413, 519, or 311. The numbers indicate the spray width with which the tip can work and its size.

The first number is half the width of the fan pattern, which means that you will get an eight-inch width with a 4XX tip. While the last two numbers denote the size, X19 denotes a 0.019-inch spray tip.

Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer Vs Graco: Which is better?

Krause & Becker and Graco offer durable and reliable airless paint sprayers. Price ranges vary greatly across the Graco range that is you may end up paying a lot more for similar performance if you choose the larger Graco brand rather than Krause & Becker.

As a rule, airless Graco models have longer hoses, which are useful if you often put the sprayer on the ground. Krause Becker airless paint sprayer is equipped with stainless steel paint buckets that are resistant to corrosion and paint contamination. Both options provide a high-pressure output pressure and a wide directional pattern from various injectors.

We can say that when dividing Krause and Becker against Graco, it is a matter of personal choice and budget. However, we would say that professionals and semi-professionals may prefer the Graco range. For the average home craftsman of Krause & Becker paint sprayers is more than enough.

Can I get help if I have a problem with my Krause & Becker paint sprayer?

You can follow the user manuals provided with these two paint sprayers for common problems and find solutions. Krause & Baker Airless Paint Sprayer provides troubleshooting guidelines.

If you still can’t find the answer, there is a technical helpline for phone support.

Can You Buy Krause & Becker Airless Paint Sprayer Accessories?

You can buy spare parts for Krause Becker airless paint sprayer and parts for Krause Becker electric paint sprayer. For more information about spare parts, see the operating manual.

As for the Krause Becker spray tips, if the provided tips do not match your desired size, the paint guns are mainly compatible with Graco, Titan, and Wagner double-sided tips. Jewboer spray tips, which are available in a large range of sizes, are also suitable for Krause and Baker spray guns. As an added bonus, these tips are more accessible than those of major brands.

Choose a smaller size, such as a 0.011-inch or 0.013-inch tip for thinner colors and a 0.019-inch tip for thicker mediums.


In our Krause and Becker Paint Sprayer Reviews, we have tried to include the most important technical and functional aspects of the product.

We strongly advise you to read the technical and functional features because from here you can make a list of your specific needs.

We are sure that reading all this will not only save you a lot of time when choosing a tool, you can also save money by comparing it. With this information, you can also master the skill of painting your home and making it more beautiful.

Due to the popularity among DIY users, the chances of owning and operating the product in your familiar circle may be very high. Even then you can realize the reality of our review for your specific needs.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions for safety and use before you start using any of them for your precious life and belongings. Because with proper use, care of the tools can give you more output and quality.


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