Paint Sprayer Use and Purchase Advice

Paint Sprayer Use Purchase Advice 2022

Paint Sprayer Use Purchase Advice– The spray gun is an indispensable assistant in the economy and the scope of its use is diverse.

Best Professional Paint Sprayer: Use and Purchase Advice- 2022

Technological progress makes it possible to facilitate human labor, make it more attractive and not so tedious.

Paint Sprayer Use and Purchase Advice

This also applies to painting a variety of surfaces. Special devices were invented that are able to independently mix paints under high pressure with air and feed the composition in the form of fine dust.

The spray gun is an indispensable assistant in the economy and the scope of its use is diverse. It helps to perform a whole list of tasks:

  1. Apply a protective or decorative coating: This is its main purpose, so those whose activities are associated with the application of a large amount of paint, stain, impregnation, glue, and varnish can not do without this device.
  2. Priming of surfaces: Especially if large areas are involved.
  3. Disinfection of objects: Detergents are used as compositions. If there is a need to eliminate the fungus, then antiseptic agents come into the fight.
  4. Spraying of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation in the garden and vegetable garden: Special compositions for processing crowns are sold. An ideal device for fighting ticks, arachnids, and other parasites.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the scope of use and the average price, spray guns are a combination of such structural elements:

View Characteristics
Buildings Visually resembles a gun or fishing rod (rod).
Handles Designed to hold the tool and guide the movement of the escaping mixture.
Tank A small container for filling the liquid.
The trigger By pressing, the composition is sprayed.
Nozzles A special hole in the front of the gun. It is also called a nozzle. A component part of the spray head. It is opened and closed by means of a locking needle.
Pressure regulator In most popular models, it is mounted on the gun in the back above the handle. Helps to adjust the air supply pressure. Another regulator is the shut-off screw, through which the intensity of the solution supply is adjusted. Located on top of the pressure regulator.

How to find the best product in a paint spray gun test?

Would you like to give your apartment a new coat of paint? Instead of using a brush and paint roller, there is another way.

A paint gun can make your work easier and save you a lot of time. Especially with large surfaces, working with a paint spray gun is quick and easy.

Different paints and also wall paint can be applied evenly on any surface with the paint spray gun.

You can use the electric paint spray gun for walls and ceilings paint wherever there is a power outlet. It is therefore ideal for painting within your own four walls.

The paint is applied evenly and can be optimally distributed. Paints and varnishes are atomized very finely, which always results in an even picture.

You can work completely individually and use only one or more colors. Since the paint can be applied evenly at any point, it dries just as evenly.

So if you don’t want to use a brush and paint roller in the future, simply use a paint spray gun.

Walls in the living area, furniture, and even garden furniture can be beautified in no time at all when spraying emulsion paint and can enjoy a great result.

Popular models are, for example, the Wagner paint spray gun or the HVLP paint spray gun, but of course, other manufacturers also have good equipment in their range, as a paint gun test, spray gun test or comparison proves.

Our purchase advice will help you to make the right decision.

Different types of paint spray guns in the overview in the trade you will find a good selection of paint guns, such as the Wagner spray gun.

Paint spray gun type

  1. Battery paint spray gun
  2. Electric paint spray gun
  3. Compressor paint spray gun

Battery paint spray gun

Battery paint spray gun

If you want to refurbish old furniture and embellish it with a new color, the paint spray gun is very suitable.

You can work with it independently of a power source and thus also apply a new coat of paint to garden furniture.

But also larger projects, such as a new coat of paint on your garden house, can be realized with it.

You don’t have to carry a disturbing cable with you, so you can move freely and also walk around the object.

Models with rechargeable batteries are not only flexible but also quick to use.

You don’t have to search for all utensils, you only need the paint spray gun and the right paint.

If you work outdoors or in remote places, battery models are best suited.

They do not need electricity but have different battery life.

Electric paint spray gun

Paint Sprayer Use and Purchase Advice

The electric spray gun can be used wherever there is a power socket nearby.

Since the device is connected to the power supply continuously, the performance always remains the same.

This is a clear advantage compared to models with battery operation.

The devices can operate at a pressure of up to 0.7 bar and are usually offered as a complete system with an air hose.

They are mainly suitable for use in your own four walls and can be used for different colors and paints.

If the model also has a belt, the handling is even more comfortable and sore muscles, as you get when painting by hand, do not even notice.

Compressor paint spray gun


Paint Sprayer Use and Purchase Advice

With a compressor, the work is much easier. If you already have an air pressure generator, you do not need to buy a complete spraying system.

You only need to buy the right spray gun head. Together with this paint spray attachment, you can paint large areas, walls, or even facades with a new color.

You save a lot of time and work with sufficient pressure during spraying, which distributes the paint cleanly and evenly over the surfaces.

If you do not have a compressor, you can buy one in a store. Alternatively, you can purchase a complete system including a paint spray gun directly.

Different advantages and disadvantages

To help you make a better decision, we have compared all the advantages and disadvantages here.

Battery paint spray gun


  • Flexible and mobile use
  • Perfect for outdoor use or rooms without a power outlet


  • The battery must be charged
  • Reduced performance

Electric paint spray gun


  • Consistent performance
  • Easy to use


  • Power supply necessary
  • The cable must be carried along

Compressor paint spray gun


  • Very high performance
  • Saves time and effort
  • Optimal for large areas


  • More expensive

Which paint spray gun is suitable for you?

New wall paint or new paint for the garden house is no longer a problem with the right paint spray gun.

You can choose between different models, but you should familiarize yourself with a few important facts before buying.

The following tips can help you. They also answer some important questions regarding the use of paint spray guns.

Paint tank size

The larger the suction cup is the more color fits into it. The tank should be correspondingly large. A small tank must be refilled relatively often. Each time you have to interrupt your work.

If you want to paint mainly large areas, it is best to use a paint spray gun with a large tank. Smaller spraying systems only hold 500 ml, larger ones more than 1 liter.

If only small furniture or similar items are to be given a new look, a paint spray gun with a small tank is sufficient.

When embellishing furniture, they also have the advantage that they can be kept much lighter and more flexible.

Type of drive

If you want to work independently and flexibly, the best choice is a model with a rechargeable battery.

You do not need electricity and can work with it anywhere. Battery paint spray guns are particularly practical if you want to work outdoors.

If you are renovating your own four walls, electric paint spray guns will give you a good result.

They have a consistent performance and are also suitable for different paints and varnishes.


The weight depends, among other things, on the tank size. If a large tank is full of paint, the gun is much heavier than a full model with a small tank.

Helpful in this context are models with a belt that makes it easier to hold.

Very small paint guns often weigh less than 300 grams, but larger models can weigh more than 5 kilograms.


The paint syringe should fit well in the hand and be easy to use. Also, pay attention to the lever to be pressed.

Many devices have an ergonomic handle shape that makes it more comfortable for you to work over a longer period of time.

If the nozzles can be changed, this change should be possible without much effort.

Color change

If you want to work with two or more colors instead of just one, you will have to change the colors in between.

Therefore some manufacturers offer not only one but two containers for the paint spray gun. If this is not the case, the container must first be cleaned before the color change.


There are many well-known manufacturers and brands. But also unknown manufacturers or no name paint spray guns are available.

The latter are often offered at a low price, but often do not have the necessary power.

In addition, well-known brands often offer additional accessories, such as nozzles for the change, spare tanks or belts for easier holding.


Have you decided on a device with battery operation? Pay attention not only to the performance but also to the running and charging times.

If the battery is fully charged, the spray gun has sufficient and constant performance.

However, if the power decreases, the result will be inaccurate because the paint no longer comes out of the nozzle properly.

How can the paint spray gun be cleaned?

After painting, you should not only clean the brush and paint rollers but also the paint spray gun thoroughly. It does not matter whether you have used paint or emulsion paint.

If the device is not cleaned after use, the fine nozzles can become clogged and the function is impaired.

Dispersion paints belong to the group of water-soluble paints. After working, simply clean the paint spray gun by placing it in warm water.

Swivel the device slightly back and forth and pay particular attention to the nozzles.

With paints, the cleaning process is somewhat different. Most paints only dissolve with the right solvent.

So do not use simple water if you have worked with acrylic paints or similar, but clean the professional paint spray gun with a solvent.

When you have removed all residues, the nozzle can be rinsed with some vaseline oil.

Which nozzle do I use for the paint spray gun?

There are models that only have one nozzle, which cannot always be changed.

Other manufacturers offer paint spray guns with different nozzles. When choosing the right nozzle, it depends on the paint you use.

The nozzles have different diameters and can have a small or large opening. If you are using thick liquid paint, the nozzle should have as large an opening as possible.

If you use very liquid or watery paint, the opening should be as small as possible.

How do I use a paint spray gun?

The paint spray gun works similarly to a spray bottle for plants.

The liquid does not simply run out but is split into many small elements through small nozzles.

Depending on the nozzle, a very fine spray mist can be created. The handling is also very similar.

Like the paint spray gun for compressor, the paint spray gun compressed air has a container called a suction cup.

You fill the paint into this cup. Then you adjust the nozzle and can start working.

“Always guide the spray gun at the same distance from right to left or from top to bottom to get an even result. When the suction cup is empty, simply refill the paint.”

Which color is suitable?

With most paint spray guns, you can use any color if it is liquid enough.

Paints are usually much more watery than emulsion paints and can therefore be applied with the spray gun without any problems.

Very viscous and thick paints require a larger nozzle. It may also be necessary to dilute the paint.

Only when the paint is flowable can it be applied with the paint spray gun.

Where can you find a good paint spray gun?

Whether you are looking for a simple spray gun or an airless model – thanks to Paint Spray Test or Paint Spray Gun Test, you can quickly find an affordable paint spray gun online that will convince you.

The best paint spray gun or the paint spray gun comparison winner from Stiftung Warentest is also available online or in a test magazine.

In addition, an airless spraying device, fine spray system or paint spray gun is also available at DIY stores as well as in specialized paint accessories stores.

The most popular paint spray gun manufacturers

If you now want to buy a paint spray gun, which has convinced by quality in the paint spray gun test, paint spray gun test or comparison nice often, we recommend the following manufacturers and brands.

  • Wagner
  • Homeright
  • Graco
  • Titan
  • Tacklife
  • Teccpo


Whether it is an electric spray gun or an electric paint spray gun, a compressed air spray gun, or a battery-operated model – according to the Paint Gun Test, Paint Sprayer Test or Comparison, you have various options for applying a new coat of paint to walls, furniture or facades.

Especially powerful and suitable for large areas is the compressed air-driven model, while with a battery-powered model you can easily reach remote corners and angles without a power cable.

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