The Best Paint Sprayer Reviews- Paint Spray System Test

The Best Paint Sprayer Reviews– With a paint spray system, paint or varnish can be applied to ceilings and walls, furniture in a short time.

The Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

A paint spray system is a motor-driven spray gun that generates compressed air during use and in this way conveys various different liquids, such as paints, glazes and lacquers, from a container in a spray gun.

A fine mist of paint is transported from the spray gun. The color mist can vary depending on the technology and print selection.

In terms of structure and technology, a paint spray system is similar to a conventional spray bottle.

Paint spray system test – Everything about paint spray guns

Paint spray gun application

With a paint spray system, ceilings and walls, as well as furniture and other objects, can be given paint, glaze or varnish within a short time.

In contrast to painters’ rollers and brushes, the liquids are not painted directly onto the surface but rather sprayed on.

Since you can spray the paints, varnishes and glazes directly on the ceiling and wall, you save a lot of water and the time required is much less.

The accessories required for painting are also reduced and you save an enormous amount of storage space.

With a paint spray system for spraying wall paint, the liquid is also applied extremely evenly.

In particular, tedious overhead work and painting close to the floor are extremely simplified in this way.

Another important advantage of the paint spray system is that varnishes and paints drip significantly less than with the conventional painting method.

This way, no noses will form on the surface.

Another advantage is that even hard-to-reach corners and niches can be reached very easily with a paint spray system.

As with an ordinary coating, the paint to be sprayed on must of course be diluted and mixed well before use.

You should also remember to cover the edges and transition areas accordingly so as not to apply paint to unwanted areas.

Paint spray system types

There are a large number of different spray guns on the product market, which differ mainly in their size, equipment, and performance.

In the online market, there are many paint spray systems that are particularly suitable for wood paints and are designed for model building.

Also, there are also spray systems that can only be used for wall paints and that has a large radius when spraying.

There are also color systems that are only used for lacquers and glazes.

The only problematic application is the use for or application of silicate and mineral paints for outdoor use.

Due to a large number of small parts in the color, most models clog up within a very short time or suffer further technical problems or damage.

There are only a few devices that are specially designed for this area of application, but their lifespan also usually differs significantly from paint spray systems for other paint types.

In addition to the simple devices in which the paints have to be refilled, you can also find semi-professional models and professional airbrush devices on the product market, in which the paints are sucked out directly from the original container.

The semi-professional and professional paint spray systems differ in their quality, accessories, and their customization options, which is why you should pay attention to a few points when buying a compressed air spray gun.


A paint spray system is a combination of a container for paints, glazes, walls, ceiling, and wood paints as well as a compressed air compressor and a spray gun.

All three elements are connected to one another via various hoses. Compressed air is transported into the container with the paint via one of these hoses.

From there, the paint is pushed into and finally out of the electric spray gun.

The pressure is maintained by the device motor. When the spray gun is operated by a switch, the liquid material comes out in the form of fine droplets.

Since the paint drops are shot out of the spray gun with compressed air, the paint or paint drops can be applied over a certain distance to the desired surface.

If the desired paint gun is a high-quality paint spray system, then the pressure can be adjusted to the liquid it contains.

Paint spray system test – Buying tips

Before you get a paint spray gun, you should be clear about what you want to use the device for in the future.

Should the device be used on the model or be used for large renovation projects in the home and garden.

In addition, the paint spray system test must be used to determine whether the paint spray system should only be used with paint, only with varnish or with glaze and other liquids.

Different Systems

There are already some paint spray system models on today’s product market that are designed for use with multiple liquids.

Furthermore, you can purchase paint spray systems in which the nozzles and spray gun can be changed.

In addition to the intended use and the options for adaptation, you should pay attention to the size and capacity of the paint container during the test.

This aspect is not important if the spray gun has a direct supply from the original container.

If you intend to work on entire rooms with the paint spray system, you should use a model with the largest possible tank.

It is better if the container has a capacity of at least 600 ml but it is recommended that the container of paint is 800 ml.

It should be noted, however, that the paint container is not too large, as the container is located directly on the spray gun on most paint sprayers.

The test shows- the higher the paint spray system capacity, the higher the weight of the device and a heavy spray gun is more unwieldy and more burdensome than a paint container that is not full.

Another noteworthy test point is the efficiency of the paint spray system, because the more power the device motor has, the faster the spray system works. In addition, the workload is much less.


A high-performance spray system is also recommended because the wall paint, varnish or glaze are usually distributed much better with more power.

In this context, it is important in the paint spray system test that the pressure can be adapted to any color or liquid.

Ideally, the paint spray system is equipped with rotary control. You should definitely be able to set several levels.

Other important points that ultimately determine the selection of the device in the test are cleaning and the accessories available.

For example, in the best-case scenario, the paint sprayer should be directly equipped with various spray attachments.

If not, you should be able to purchase these important accessories after the fact.


If you intend to paint ceilings in addition to interior and exterior walls, it is advantageous to buy a telescopic rod as an addition to the paint spray system.

If you often want to work with different liquid materials, it makes sense if the electric spray gun is equipped with several interchangeable paint tanks, because thanks to these interchangeable tanks you save having to constantly refill the paint. It also makes cleaning easier.

With regard to paint spray system cleaning, you should know that paint spray systems are only particularly easy to clean if you use water-soluble paints.

Then it is sufficient to rinse out the paint container and the spray gun with lukewarm water or soapy water.

A major advantage is that the paint sprayer can be dismantled into several individual parts.

If this is possible, residues that have already dried on can be removed from the paint spray system, as the individual parts can be soaked or brushed off.

Read more about individual products in our paint spray system test and find the best paint spray system for your situation.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about paint spray systems

Below are some questions and answers about the paint spray system.

For which areas of application is a spray system suitable beside the application of paint?

A paint spray system is ideal for applying liquids to the desired surface. Mostly it will of course be used for painting work, but it is also great for applying glazes and varnishes.

The end result is achieved faster and is usually more even than with other types of applications.

Before use, however, please pay attention to the manufacturer’s information regarding the possible areas of application, as there may be model-specific differences.

For which types of paint is a paint spray system suitable or what does it depend on that paint can be used with the spray system?

Spray systems can only be used with liquids. Accordingly, the desired color must be mixed and diluted in the correct mixing ratio before it can be poured into the spray system.

Spray systems can not only be used for traditional wall paint, but glazes and varnishes can also be applied much more easily to the desired surfaces.

Are paint spray systems suitable for all types of surfaces?

Yes, in principle, paint spray systems are suitable for all types of surfaces.

How good the end result is, however, depends on the paint or varnish used and the compatibility with the surface finish.

But actually, anything can be sprayed. If anything is unclear, please pay attention to the manufacturer’s information in the instructions for use supplied.

Are paint spray systems also suitable for overhead work?

A paint spray system is also ideal for overhead work. If you apply paint to the ceiling with the spray system, for example, this technique results in significantly less dripping than with the usual method with the painter’s roller.

The spray system also distributes the paint very evenly, which leads to a very satisfactory end result. In addition, the sprayers are also very light and the arm muscles don’t tire that quickly.

Are paint spray systems heavy, i.e. how much do they weigh on average?

There are of course weight fluctuations in the different paint spray systems, but they are all relatively light as this makes them easier to work with. As a rule, you move with a deadweight between 1 to 7 kg.

When buying, however, it is essential to pay attention to the manufacturer’s information regarding the weight of the paint spray system.

What preparatory work (paint, covering) must be done before actually starting work?

In principle, you should cover all areas that you do not want to stain with paint.

Actually, working with a spray system is much cleaner than working with the usual painting equipment, but it is of course better to be safe than sorry and the paint mist could also deposit on furniture and carpets.

The paint should be mixed correctly – follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The mixture must of course not be too thick, otherwise, it cannot be evenly distributed with the spray system.

It is also recommended to wear respiratory protection when working; otherwise, the paint mist can be inhaled. For overhead work, you can also get protective goggles as a precaution.

Is there a minimum amount of paint that must be added to the paint container?

This can be very different for different spray models and we advise you to refer to the model-specific instructions for use for information on the minimum fill quantity.

Are paint sprayers very noisy in use?

Paint sprayers generate a certain level of noise when they are started up. In and of itself, however, the neighbors should not be annoyed by noise.

When buying, it is best to pay attention to the manufacturer’s information regarding decibels.

Is it easy to use or does it require a certain amount of practice or instruction or familiarization time?

It is actually very easy to use, but it is still advisable to read the instructions in the instructions for use carefully and to try out a small spot on the wall to see how the device fits in the hand and how you can use it.

Different type of paint sprayer and accessories

  • Airless
  • HVLP
  • With battery
  • Compressed air
  • With direct suction
  • Electric
  • With compressor
  • Without a compressor
  • low pressure
  • Without spray
  • 2 in 1

Tips for product care of paint spray systems

With a paint spray system, painting work in and around the house is made much easier for the end-user.

For the hobby craftsman who repeatedly carries out beautification projects for their own home, this device has long been part of the basic equipment.

Splashes of paint are a thing of the past and the even application of varnishes and colors with this product makes every perfectionist a real pleasure.

Paint spray systems are certainly not the cheapest DIY equipment and you want to make sure that the device has the longest possible service life.

Conscientious product care of your paint spray system, as well as proper handling of the device, are essential for this.

The best way to clean and care for your product is what you will find out in these clear instructions with helpful tips and tricks.

How to clean paint spray systems for long-lasting durability?

Before you work on the paint spray system, be it for small maintenance work or just to clean it, you must absolutely disconnect the device from the external power supply.

This ensures your own safety and prevents a short circuit that could permanently damage your spray system.

A paint spray system must be cleaned after each use, as it is also affected by painting and quickly becomes dirty.

Depending on the type of paint or varnish used, the cleaning work can also be of varying length.

In this case it is sufficient to rinse the paint container and the spray gun with warm water and possibly a little soapy water.

However, if you have not used any water-soluble paint, then harder guns will probably have to be used to care for your paint spray system.

In this case, it is best to use a more aggressive cleaning agent that has been specially developed for painting accessories.

You can purchase such cleaning agents either from specialist retailers or simply on the Internet.

You should pay particular attention to the connection hose between the spray gun and the paint container when maintaining the product.

It is best to rinse it thoroughly with water immediately after each use.

If the break between the individual uses is less than 8 hours, this procedure can be skipped.

Otherwise, the hose should definitely be cleaned; otherwise sticking or even blockages can occur here.

If the paint spray system can be dismantled into several individual parts, cleaning and maintenance is of course also simplified.

Parts that do not contain any sensitive technology can be soaked in water for a long time and cleaned intensively.

This is particularly helpful with the exchangeable paint tank, for example.

Here are some tips to help you make your device last longer:

However, before you disassemble your device into individual parts, you should always refer to the instructions for use supplied.

When disassembling, it is essential that you follow the product-specific instructions from the manufacturer; otherwise the manufacturer’s guarantee could be void.

The piston pump of the spray gun should be regularly oiled with a few drops of machine oil so that it can easily cope with its work.

Some models are equipped with a filter system in front of and at the end of the hose, which protects against clogging and also ensures a more durable product.

It is best to inquire about the existence of such a filter system before buying and think about whether you want to absorb the additional financial expense.

The filter should of course also be inspected and cleaned at regular intervals.

The surface of the entire device should of course be freed of paint residues after each use.

Please ensure that no liquids can get through the housing to the interior of the spray system, where the technology is located.

In the worst case, this can lead to a short circuit and irreversible damage to your painting supplies.

Follow these simple tips for product care of your paint spray system, then you should be able to enjoy this device for a long time and be able to work on many surfaces with it in no time at all.


If you have compared paint spray guns in the test and have decided on a model that is convenient for you to use, you will no longer be without manual painting and varnishing in the future.

Craftsmen with experience, as well as larger tests on paint sharpeners, emphasize the convenience of their preferred models when using them.

Despite the anticipation of the work, it is important to think of breathing protection and suitable clothing including gloves for every application.

Then using the paint spray gun becomes a pleasure.

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