Tips for Household Spray Gun Choosing

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Tips for Choosing Household Spray Gun

Manufacturing companies, both foreign and American, produce a huge number of network spray guns. Models have a variety of characteristics, which often complicates the selection process. In this review, we will try to figure out which electric paint sprayer is better.

The concept of a spray gun

A spray gun is a tool designed for applying paint to any type of surface. Moreover, the paint is supplied under pressure.

The photo of electric spray guns shows that they may differ in the method of connecting the pump and the gun. These elements can be connected to each other by means of a hose or represent a single whole.

Types of electrical equipment for paint spraying

There are the following types of electric spray guns:

Air type: The paint is sprayed by means of a vacuum or a forced pressure, which is created by air. The advantage of this type of product is a high-quality result.


The disadvantage is the low coefficient of paint transfer, which contributes to the appearance of a colorful fog around the painter, which makes it difficult to carry out work.

Airless: In such devices, the paint is sprayed under high pressure, which is created by the built-in pump. Such spray guns allow you to spray materials of a viscous consistency.


You can work with them at a greater distance from the surface to be painted. No clouds of paint are formed. The disadvantage is a lower-quality result.

Tips for working with an electric paint sprayer

Experts give the following recommendations for working with a spray gun:

Painting with electric spray equipment requires preliminary preparation of the surface – it should be cleaned and decreased.

  • Be sure to read the instructions for using the spray gun. It usually comes with the device.
  • Before you start, adjust the paint flow rate and the nozzle position.
  • Follow the safety instructions.
  • Move the tool evenly, using the forearm.
  • The paint should be applied so that each subsequent layer overlaps the previous one by 4-5 cm.
  • Try not to be interrupted during the coloring procedure.

How to choose a spray gun? Tips for choosing a spray gun

  1. Some information and features
  2. Main types and their differences
  3. Types of pneumatic spray guns
  4. Electric spray guns
  5. General criteria
  6. Basic rules
  7. We study the characteristics and functions

The best spray gun has long been recognized as a universal tool that is used in many industries. It is no less popular in everyday life.

Naturally, in production or to perform a large amount of work, special, professional models will be required.

Models are also available for ceilings, interior walls, furniture, use, and it can be difficult to decide which one is needed.

It is necessary to understand not only the range and features but also to know exactly how to choose a spray gun yourself.

You can always contact a consultant, but you can’t be sure that they will recommend a really good device.

Some information and features:

The first spray guns appeared at the very end of the XIX century. They were invented for medical purposes: for the treatment of open wounds.

A few years later, the first spray gun was developed and released in America, which was intended for solving household and industrial tasks. Since then, the tool has been used by many craftsmen and professionals:

The modern device is radically different from its predecessor, as it has become more functional, technologically advanced, and productive.

In the shortest possible time, it can be used to paint various types of surfaces with minimal paint consumption.

The layer of paint and varnish material will be as uniform as possible, smooth, and, most importantly, without streaks.

Especially often, a spray gun is used for painting three-dimensional elements, such as parts or furniture items.

To learn how to use the device for its intended purpose, it is necessary to study its design and operation process. The compressed airflow is regulated by a special trigger.

The paint spraying process is controlled not only by the airflow but also by the diameter of the head, which is installed at the outlet.

After studying the device of the spray gun, it will be possible to choose a model for performing certain tasks and volumes without any problems and difficulties.

The main types and their differences

Today, construction stores offer a large selection of tools. Conventionally, they are divided into 2 large groups:

  1. Pneumatic;
  2. Electric.

To understand and decide which one is better, it is important to familiarize yourself with the main differences.

It is worth noting that they have quite a few similarities and common characteristics since both the design and the principle of operation are different.

If the model works on the basis of compressed air, then it is a pneumatic spray gun. For its operation, it is necessary to purchase a compressor with a receiver.

If we consider an electric spray gun, then the work is carried out under pressure thanks to the built-in pump.

Professionals prefer to use the first option, as it gives a higher quality of coating the surface with paint than the second.

Considering all the options for spray guns, it is worth highlighting one more type – these are electric models with a mini-compressor. They are a kind of intermediate ones.

Types of pneumatic spray guns:


The most common is considered to be a pneumatic spray gun. There are 3 main types of pressure levels:


Abbreviation stands for high pressure, which is located at the outlet. The air consumption in these models is about 190 l / minute.


The advantages include high-quality and uniform distribution of paint on the surface, regardless of the material and shape.

The work is carried out quickly due to the high pressure. There are also disadvantages, but they are all insignificant and overlap with advantages.

When working with HP, it is important to protect the respiratory system and skin with special protective equipment:

  • A respirator;
  • Gloves;
  • Special clothing.


Literally, the abbreviation stands for the production of a large volume at low pressure.


In comparison with the first model, the air consumption will be much higher – up to 300 liters/minute.

The main advantage of this spray gun is the almost maximum transfer of paint and varnish material (65 %).

Losses will be significantly reduced, and the quality of the paint on the surface will be higher.

An important condition for working with the device is the presence of a large amount of purified air, so you should use filters.


The model was released a few years ago, it is characterized by small volumes and pressure. The amount of air consumed is up to 200 liters/minute.


Since low pressure is used for operation, the spray gun is practically devoid of any drawbacks.

This is the best option for the cottage, as 70% of the paint falls on the surface.

The listed models have differences, but they also have common characteristics. For example, the paint tank can be fixed both from the bottom and from the top. There are also models to which a floor container with a large volume is attached.

Electric spray guns

Builders believe that this device is the best option for domestic use, that is, for the home.

electric spray gun

The technology of spraying paint and varnish material is produced due to the vibrations of the diaphragm under the influence of electricity.

To get started, just connect the device to the power supply. It is necessary to store and transport the electric spray gun in a special case.

Affordable price refers to the list of advantages of this device. An important detail is that the low price indicates a short service life of the electric spray gun, so you should choose models with an average or high price.

Due to the low power, the quality of applying paint to the surface can be lost – unevenness and streaks.

A significant disadvantage of the electric spray gun is its large weight. That is why it is quite difficult to work with it.

General criteria

If you are going to go to a hardware store, you must not only study the range of models but also take into account some common features:

Do not forget that not all types of paints are suitable for a particular sprayer.

Various types of adjustments, the presence of a manual mode:

To constantly monitor the consumption of paint, you should choose a plastic transparent tank.

Universal devices allow you to use almost all types of paints. But for some, it is necessary to select paint and varnish materials according to density, viscosity, and other characteristics.

Basic rules


It is easy to choose an electric spray gun since the manufacturer has already fully equipped it and combined it into one monoblock tool.

But when choosing pneumatics, you need to approach this issue more carefully. So, the buyer has the right to choose the characteristics himself.


With the top placement of the paint tank, you can highlight more advantages. For example, the spray rate of the paint material will be high.

 But this placement allows you to hold no more than 1 liter. It is based on 2 types of materials: plastic, nylon. The lower mount allows you to connect larger metal tanks.


Today, manufacturers produce a huge range of replaceable elements, and the nozzle belongs to them.

 Their diameter varies from 1 to 3 mm. To work with the whitewash mixture, it is necessary to select nozzles with a diameter of 6 mm.

The volume is calculated individually for each material, depending on its grain size and viscosity. Universal models should be called nozzles with a size of 1.4–1.7 mm.


One of the important elements of a pneumatic spray gun is a compressor. Its selection must be treated with special care and care.

Only with the right choice, you can count on high-quality and fast work, regardless of the volume and tasks set.

The features and indicators of each model were specified in the previous sections. On the market, most often, there are models with an engine whose power is from 1.2 to 1.8 kW.

For work-related to household needs, for example, for walls or ceilings, this will be quite enough.


The receiver with a volume of 25 to 50 liters allows you to develop compact and small-sized models, which means that it will be quite easy to work with them.

If it is necessary to use the spray gun for production purposes, it is necessary to consider more powerful and professional models, the volume of the receiver of which reaches 150 liters.

Unscrupulous manufacturers of the average instrument indicate in the accompanying documentation higher characteristics, in particular, power. This allows you to inflate the price, but the amount of air will be normal.

Study the characteristics and functions:

The choice of the spray gun will affect not only certain components but also the capabilities of the device.

Naturally, the more of them, the higher the cost, but, as you know, this is not always an indicator of high quality.

Carefully read each function and characteristics to know in advance which of them will be needed in the work:


This characteristic is not too variable, so you do not have to choose much. Most of the compressors compress the air to 8 bar, the upper threshold, and then the automation turns it off.

The lower threshold is 6 bar, at which the motor automatically turns on again and pumps up the volume of air that is not sufficient for operation.

It is worth noting that some modern models are designed for pumping up to 10 bar.


If the spray gun model is equipped with the ability to adjust the spray process, then this option will be optimal for the ceiling.

Working with the upper surfaces is several times more difficult, but the presence of adjustments will simplify the process. So, if there is such a function, the user can independently, without interrupting the work, change: the

  • the course of the needle;
  • the form of the torch;
  • Parameters of the outgoing air.


It is considered one of the main parameters, so you need to be particularly careful when choosing it.

Many people believe that it is not necessary to know the amount of compressed air that is issued in 1 minute. But in fact, to get high performance, you need to create certain conditions.

For each model, this indicator will be different, so it is important to choose the right compressor, otherwise, the quality of spraying and applying paint to the surface will be deteriorated.

Some models are equipped with a pressure gauge, which also simplifies the workflow. You can get acquainted with all the parameters and indicators in the technical documentation of the spray guns.

It is quite difficult to choose the necessary, and most importantly, high-quality spray gun for certain purposes.

It is necessary to consider and take into account many nuances and factors that will affect the work.

Also, do not forget about a variety of materials that affect the duration of the operational life of the device.

Another important parameter that should be considered – is ergonomics: you should study the spray gun not only visually, but should also be tested.

How to choose inexpensive and high-quality electric spray gun-practical tips

The application of paints or lacquers on the surface by traditional methods, using a brush or roller, leads to increased consumption of compositions.

The use of a spray gun solves not only this problem but also ensures the uniformity of the coating over the entire treated area.

Its electric models are rightfully considered universal and the most popular in the private sector, since their operation does not require the presence (or purchase) of a compressor.

But does everyone know how to correctly approach the choice of an electric spray gun? What should be taken into account so that at a relatively low cost, the tool is durable and as useful as possible in everyday life?

Before considering the rules (criteria) for choosing a cheap electric spray gun, the author considers it necessary to clarify several points.

First, it is necessary to understand the wording – “cheap”, but at the same time “good” electric spray gun. The price reduction is achieved in several ways.

Basically, this is a simplification of the manufacturing technology of products and the use of inexpensive (hence low quality) raw materials. Accordingly, the durability of such products raises certain doubts.

Secondly, it is worth noting the fact that too cheap spray guns can not be called maintainable. Their manufacturers are not concerned with filling the market with spare parts.

In fact, this is a single-use product. Broke– to the dump-then to the store, for a new one. Money seems to be not a pity because the tool is cheap.

But is it really a job if a low-quality sprayer fails after just an hour of intensive operation?

Third, choosing only based on the price tag is not the right decision.

Different models of electric sprayers work effectively only with a certain list of paint and varnish compositions.

So, a competent choice implies taking into account the specifics of the use of the spray gun.

That is, for what purposes it is mainly purchased (painting surfaces, applying impregnating compounds, whitewashing trees, etc.).

This does not mean that the cheap model cannot be used for other types of work. If it is really good, then it is universal by definition.

The only difference is in the effectiveness of the use of the electric spray gun in one case or another.

Based on the above, it is more correct to start considering the issue with a small review of models that fully meet all the needs of the “home master” and allow you to solve most of the everyday problems associated with surface treatment.

Cheaper spray guns have a number of disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the uneven distribution of the composition used on the surface.

That is the relatively low quality of its processing. You can also add increased noise and vibration to the sprayers of this group.

How to choose a spray gun for your home: tips and tricks

The need to choose a spray gun does not arise too often, but in many cases, this tool is practically irreplaceable or allows you to save a huge amount of time.

For people who choose a device for the home and have never used it before, it can be very difficult to immediately understand all the functions and features of spray guns.

Since there are quite a lot of such characteristics, it is better to immediately narrow down the range of potential purchases to quickly find the best option.

First of all, it is worth noting that paint guns are of two types: electric and pneumatic.

The Council: Electric spray gun-ideal for non-professional use at home.

Each type has its own advantages, disadvantages, and applications, but the main difference between a pneumatic spray gun is the need to use a compressor.

If you do not have it, then the purchase of a pneumatic paint gun will imply the purchase of two devices at once.

Electric spray guns

The easiest to use and maintain the type of spray gun, Spray paint in it is achieved by vibrating the diaphragm under the influence of an electric current. To work, it is enough to connect this tool to the household power supply.

Such devices are ideal for homes or cottages, as they do not require additional equipment, and it is very easy to store and transport them.

The price of such devices is usually low, the most budget models are sometimes even bought for a single-use.

As a rule, the components in cheap spray guns are designed for 3-4 painting, and they are used exclusively to save time.

Models with metal nozzles are able to withstand many applications, while plastic ones will lose accuracy or break down fairly quickly.

The main disadvantage of an electric spray gun, in comparison with a pneumatic one, is its low power, which directly affects the quality of the paint and the uniformity of the layer.

Low-power models are suitable only for the country, where there is no need to ensure a flawless appearance. There are models of electric spray guns with a built-in mini-compressor.

The quality of the painting in this case increases significantly, but the price becomes several times higher.

Nevertheless, the cost of such a device will be less than the total cost of a set of pneumatic spray guns. Among the disadvantages of electric spray guns, it is worth highlighting the large weight.

Some disadvantages:

Devices with a compressor can weigh more than 2 kg, holding such a device at arm’s length for a long time is quite problematic, and working with it requires periodic breaks.

Also, these devices have a high noise level. Of course, the external compressor hums much louder, but in most cases, it can be moved to another room or even to the street.

Due to the low power, electric spray guns can not be used for all types of paint.

In most cases, the paint will need to be diluted with a solvent to obtain the necessary density, since the tool will not spray too viscous liquid, but spray it in clumps.

The first time before painting, it is better to practice on a surface that is not a pity to spoil, for example, on a watman.


If we talk about a cheap, but really good electric spray gun, then you should choose a model with a built-in compressor.


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