What you know about paint sprayer?

What you know about paint sprayer or what you need to know about paint spray guns? Read this article to know about this.

What you need to know about paint spray guns?

What you need to know about painting equipment (paint spray guns)?

A spray gun is a device that allows you to paint any surface more efficiently.

The equipment is a modern replacement for brushes with rollers and is a container with a mechanical part that feeds the paint under pressure through a hose. Therefore, the working composition is applied evenly and in a thin layer.

Here’s what you need to know about spray guns

Repairs in an apartment or in the country for many have become an annual occupation. And for sure, each of us at least once in his life was engaged in painting.

This simple work can turn into a torment: the hand gets tired of driving with a roller or a brush, and the quality of the application is not always satisfied.

And how much paint is wasted! It drips onto the floor or onto your hands and clothes. Enjoy the result? There is no time for this, it is necessary to wash and clean the splattered surfaces as soon as possible.

There is a rational solution – an electric paint sprayer. It is used for the fast application of liquid compositions on wood, metal, and other surfaces.

This tool looks like a gun, with a handle, a trigger, and a paint container. On the housing, there is a screw for adjusting the liquid supply.

Working with the paint sprayer is very simple: just pour the liquid into the tank, screw it to the body, connect the cord to the outlet and press the button.

The general principle of operation is that the built-in motor creates pressure, due to which the paint from the container is fed into the nozzle and leaves it with a paint mist.

The composition is sprayed evenly; you only need to direct the jet to any object. So in a matter of minutes, you can do the work that used to take an hour.

What can you do with a spray gun?

  • Painting various surfaces: walls, fences, radiators, furniture, roofs;
  • Apply anti-corrosion agents to the car body;
  • Cover wood products with varnish or stain;
  • Treat plants with insect repellents;
  • Spray disinfectant liquids;
  • Apply stencil drawings to walls or interior items;
  • Whitewash the ceiling;
  • Execute prepare

5 reasons to work with a spray gun

If you still have doubts that the spray gun is an indispensable thing, and you are often faced with gardening, construction, or repair work.

If you are engaged in a hobby or design. Then our arguments will convince you that with a paint sprayer, any task will be easier!

  1. It is fast: In a matter of minutes, you can paint something that used to take several hours. The window frame will take no more than two or three minutes, and the walls of the room with a total area of 10 m2 can be painted in half an hour.
  2. This is economical: How much paint dries in the tray while you roll the roller on the walls? And how much remains on the brush or flows from it to the floor? With a spray gun, all the material will go to work, that is, to the surface!
  3. This is high-quality: The spray creates a smooth finish without lint or stains. The quality of painting furniture or cars can not be distinguished from the factory paint. This is almost impossible to achieve with a brush or roller.
  4. It’s easy: Since the work takes less time, you are less tired. Just point the gun, pull the trigger, and smoothly guide the spray gun along the surface. Minimum physical effort – maximum pleasure from the result.
  5. It’s cheaper than you think: How much money have you already spent on the rollers? For 10 rollers and 5 brushes, you can pay about 2500 rubles.

It is better to buy a spray gun with this money. Unlike manual devices, you will not throw it away after painting, and it will serve for many years.

What are the advantages over traditional paint products?

To make sure that the spray gun is a really profitable purchase, we will compare it with a conventional paintbrush. To do this, select several comparison parameters:

Quality of the application:

During painting with a brush, smudges, stains are formed, fallen villa stick.

When working with a spray gun, the most even and accurate application of paint on any surface, even a raised surface, is achieved.

Speed of coloring:

Electric spray guns have a capacity of up to 0.5 l/min. Therefore, on average, in 10–12 minutes, you can paint up to 5 square meters of surface. The working time is reduced significantly!

Cost of effort:

Since with a spray gun, the painting process takes less time, then you do not have to get tired, as well as apply additional effort when applying paint – just direct the jet to the treated area.

This tool is very light, so not even women can work with it.


On the brush, the composition is poorly delayed, and not all of it is transferred to the surface, so it is spent uneconomically.

While in the process of spraying, the dye is evenly distributed, a small mist is formed, so the paint loss is negligible.

Undoubtedly, the paintbrush is cheap, and it is not a pity to throw it away after one or two times of use.

But you can buy paint sprayers that will be used for more than one year! And it will pay back the money spent by effective and high-quality work

Are all spray guns the same?

Electric sprayers differ in their purpose. If you are going to paint vertical surfaces, for example, walls, fences, doors, then buy a tool with the lower location of the tank.

If the liquid container is located on the top, such a device is recommended for applying compositions to the floor or ceiling.

For universal use, you can recommend a spray gun with a curved feed tube, for example, Bosch PFS 55. Let’s say you need to varnish a wooden table.

By turning the tube 90 degrees, you can evenly apply the liquid to both the table legs and the lid.

It is very convenient to use sprayers with a flexible nozzle for such purposes, with which you can paint both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

In addition, you should pay attention to the volume of the paint tank. The more spacious it is, the longer it is possible to work without refueling.

If you are going to paint small objects, for example, a stool, a bench, a battery, a window frame, then it makes no sense to purchase a tool with a large tank.

The capacity of 0.5-0.7 liters will be enough. For large-scale painting works, there are more productive spray guns with tanks for 0.8-1 liter – paint the walls, whitewash the ceiling, apply stain on wooden floors, and varnish long fences.

What to pay attention to when buying?

The description for each model of the spray gun contains technical characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing.

The larger the diameter of the nozzle, the more viscous substances can be sprayed with a spray gun. Each spray gun has its own permissible viscosity index of substances for which it can be used (for example, 30 DIN/sec). If the composition is too thick, it will not be possible to spray it.

Power – the higher it is, the longer the spray gun can work without interruptions for cooling the engine.

Productivity determines how much liquid the tool is able to apply to the surface in a unit of time. The more it can spray substances in a minute, the faster it can paint the object.

What do you need for a successful coloring?

So that you can get started right away, we recommend that you purchase additional accessories along with the tool.

When spraying paint and other liquids, small particles of the substance settle in the air.

Therefore, when working, be sure to use protective equipment: glasses, gloves, and a respirator.

They will help prevent harmful fumes from entering the respiratory tract, on the skin of the hands, and in the eyes.

If you are going to use the spray gun both at home and in the country, then for convenient storage and transportation you will need a plastic box.

You can put the tool, all the supplies, and the extension cord in it. The entire paint kit will be in one place, and nothing will be lost.

How to achieve the best result?

Here is a simple example: we’re going to get rid of the boring wallpaper and paint the walls.

White will be the main color, and green we will apply the drawing through a stencil. So, what actions do you need to perform?

First of all, you need to clean the surface: To remove old wallpaper, use a spray gun, applying water or a special solution to the wall.

When the wallpaper is soaked, remove them with a spatula. The wall should be flat, all the bumps should be leveled.

It is better to apply the paint on a smooth surface, so treat it with skin.

Rules for safe operation: Since we have to paint in the room, it is necessary to ensure the supply of fresh air, so that the paint vapors are eroded.

It is necessary to work in protective equipment to exclude the possibility of poisoning. It is better to cover all nearby objects with a film.

Preparation of a solution of the desired consistency: Painting. To ensure that the composition is evenly applied to the surface, it is recommended to hold the tool vertically and at a distance of 5-15 cm from the wall.

Choose one painting direction: either up/down or left/right. After applying the base coat, let the paint dry. Only then can you start making a drawing through a stencil.

Care of the spray gun: After finishing the work or when switching from one color to another, you need to clean it.

To do this, pour a solvent into the tank and spray it to get rid of the paint that has stagnated in the nozzle and feed tube.

A similar cleaning operation should be performed each time after the staining is completed. If you keep the tool clean, it lasts longer.

How not make a mistake when choosing a spray gun?

To fully experience the advantages of the spray gun, you need to study its characteristics, functionality, and model range.

The tool is available in several types, which differ in power and principle of operation.

When choosing, it is important to take into account the scope of work, the requirements for the quality of the coating, and the experience of the master.

  1. Basic operating parameters
  2. Additional benefits

Traditional methods of painting are becoming a thing of the past, giving way to a modern and fast method of spraying.

The spray gun is designed for applying liquid solutions to a variety of surfaces – small particles of paint are deposited on the object to be processed, creating a thin even layer.

Previously, this tool was considered purely professional, but recently there have been electric sprayers that are suitable specifically for domestic use.

They are characterized by compact dimensions, affordable price, lightweight, and create serious competition for the roller and brush.

With the help of the spray gun, you can not only paint but also perform such works as whitewashing the ceiling, applying varnish to wooden products, spraying plants, treating the car body with anti-corrosion compounds, and much more.

Before choosing a spray gun, think about what you will use it for. For painting benches, batteries, swings, one tool is suitable.

For larger objects, such as walls, fences, roofs, and doors, you need to purchase a more productive model.

Therefore, in order not to spend extra money on something that you can not work with, when buying, you need to pay attention to the technical characteristics.

Basic operating parameters

The description for each paint sprayer indicates the power, tank volume, nozzle diameter, capacity, and weight.

If you know how each of them affects the work and the final result, you can easily make a choice in favor of a specific model.


Power determines how fast you can paint, and how productive the tool is.

Spray guns at 350-600 W are suitable for frequent use, with their help you can quickly apply various compositions to large objects.

If you do not have to work with the sprayer often, it is recommended to purchase a less powerful tool (from 60 to 280 W), besides, it will consume less electricity. But it should be remembered that it is important to observe breaks in work.

Painting for 10-20 minutes, you need to take a break for 5-10 minutes to avoid overheating.

Otherwise, the spray gun engine may fail. Proper use will allow you to quickly paint the bench, car bumper, shelf, and much more. The volume of the tank affects how long you can work without refueling.

For short:

For short – term staining, a small container (0.4-0.6 liters) is sufficient. If you have to paint on a large scale, you will often have to top up the liquid.

To apply paint and varnish compositions to furniture, car body, garage doors, and other large items, purchase a 0.7 – 1 liter spray gun. You will be able to work with them with the least amount of interruptions.


The diameter of the nozzle characterizes the spray intensity. The wider the outlet, the more fluid is supplied per unit time.

Also, this parameter determines how vicious the compositions can be used for the application. Through a narrow hole, you will not be able to spray a thick varnish or paint, they must be diluted to the desired consistency.


The weight of household spray guns, as a rule, is up to 2 kg. The lighter the tool, the longer you can work without getting tired.

There are sprayers with remote pumps that weigh up to 5 kg. During painting, you only need to hold the trigger in your hands, the pump body itself remains on the floor and moves on wheels.

Women can use light spray guns. The viscosity indicates the density with which the tool can work (from 30 to 80 DIN/sec).

Required Consistency:

The required consistency is determined by a special device-a meter. It is a funnel-shaped cap with a hole in the bottom.

If the composition is too thick, then it should be diluted, so avoid clogging the nozzle, and the application of paint will be more uniform.


Performance is defined as the volume of liquid sprayed per minute and is measured in grams or liters. In electric spray guns, it is 0.2 to 0.5 l/min. Do you want the painting process to be faster? Then buy a tool with high performance.

Additional benefits

In addition to the main operating parameters, it should be noted some features of paint sprayers, which will significantly improve the usability. Here are a few advantages that you should pay attention to.

Ergonomics: If you have to paint something on the street (for example, the roof of a house), it is better to buy a tool with a rubber pad on the handle.

You will feel confident while working and do not worry that the spray gun may slip out of your hands.

Saving paint: Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the intensity of the spray of the substance, for example, when painting small products or drawing drawings. In order not to waste paint, it is necessary to reduce its supply from the container.

For these purposes, it is recommended to purchase tools that provide the function of adjusting the flow rate of the liquid. Some have a rotary screw others have a built-in electronic control system.

Mobility: Paint sprayers with remote pumps are equipped with flexible hoses (up to 3.4 meters long).

It depends on how far you can go, or how high you can go to paint the walls or ceiling. There is a place in the pump housing where the gun is inserted during breaks.

In some spray guns, the remote pumps have wheels, thanks to which they move on the floor. For others, a belt is provided so that you can hang the tool on your shoulder.

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